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  • Jangra Chemicals Private Limited has several decades of experience in manufacturing, development and applications for the Home Care Market.
  • Jangra Chemicals Private Limited wide product range includes essential components for the home care market allowing excellent cleaning performance.
  • Jangra Chemicals Private Limited is manufacturing home care products for some of the largest companies in home care industry in India.
  • Jangra Chemicals Private Limited should be your first contact if you are looking for reliable custom and toll manufacturer of home care products.
  • We are providing concentrated formulations to save transportation and packaging charges.


Home Care Products Range :

Product Category Product Name Product Code
Dishwash Concentrates Dishwash Economical Concentrate 3x DWEC-3X
Dishwash Premium Concentrate 3x DWPR-3X
Dishwash Super Premium Concentrate 2x DWSP-2X
Dishwash Economical Ready to Use DWEC-R
Dishwash Super Premium Ready to Use DWSP-R
Laundry Wash Concentrates Laundry Wash Super Premium Concentrate 2x LWPR-2X
Woolen Wash Concentrate Woolen Wash Concentrate 2x WW-2X
Liquid Blue Neel Base Liquid Blue Neel Concentrate 18x LBN-18X
Floor Cleaners Concentrate Floor Cleaner Premium Concentrate 3x FCPR-3X
White Floor Cleaner Super Premium Concentrate upto 30x WFSP-30x
White Floor Cleaner Premium Concentrate WFPR-30X
White Floor Cleaner Economical Concentrate WFECO-30X
Pine Oil Emulsifier Pine Oil Emulsifier (4 Parts Pine Oil+ 1 Part WP17) WP17
Glass Cleaner Concentrate Glass Cleaner Premium Concentrate 10x GCSP-10X
Glass Cleaner Economical Concentrate 20x GCE-20X
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner CUC-R
Toilet Cleaner Concentrate Toilet Cleaner Concentrate 3x TCPR-3x
Toilet Cleaner Premium Concentrate 2x TCSP-2x
Liquid Hand Wash Base Hand Soap Base Ultra Premium- High Performance HUP
Hand Soap Base Premium- High Performance HSP-R
Hand Wash Base Pearl- Super Premium 2x-Synthetic Base HWSP-2X
Hand Wash Base Pearl Premium 3x- Synthetic Base HWPR-3X
Hand Wash Clear Economical Base- Synthetic Base HWEC-3X
Tap & Tile Cleaner Concentrate Scale Remover Concentrate 3x SRP-3X
Marble Cleaner Concentrate Marble Cleaning Shampoo Base 3x MCSPR-2X
Room Freshener Concentrate Air Freshener Concentrate Upto 10x AFP-10X
Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Super Premium 3x KCSP-3X
Multi Cleaner Multi Cleaner Concentrate Super Premium Concentrate WCDET500
Polishes & Maintainers Furniture Polish and Maintainer FPMF
Steel Polish SPHS
Chrome Polish CPHS

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